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It would appear Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is up to his eyeballs in this; though he denies participating. The FBI counterintelligence unit was monitoring Trump through FISA 702(17) upstream surveillance collected by a DOJ National Security Division that had no oversight.

The information the FBI collected, and the stuff Fusion GPS was creating via Christopher Steele, was used to create the Russian Narrative and also to manipulate the FISC into giving them a FISA warrant. ie. “The Insurance Policy”.

Ultimately, the people within all of these intercepts is what Devin Nunes discovered when he looked at the “unmasking requests” which were a result of those FISA 702(17) collections on Team Trump. That’s why Devin Nunes was so stunned at what he saw in February and March 2017.

This is why Chairman Devin Nunes is currently gathering evidence.



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  1. Obama’s administration politicised IRS, so why not DOJ and the intelligence operations to use as a weapon to assure his agenda to “fundamentally change America” was permanent. Meanwhile they also sought regime change throughout the middle east including Israel. Almost at the same time Obama was asserting that Russia was attempting to influence our election he had operatives in Israel attempting to undermine their election The swamp and the deep state have always been there buried in the State Dept, DOJ and Treasury. Now the scary thing is that Obama also got rid of over 100 of our top military officers and cleaned out the second tier officers below them. We veterans worry that what he often referred to as the Boy Scouts has also been converted to part of the deep state.

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