Poetry and Praise #5

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There is no stopping joy
From the heart that overflows
Filled with love of the Father
It lets the whole world know
There is a Redeemer
Who loves to the uttermost
Indwells each true believer
TRUE joy of the Holy Ghost

That joy lives on forever
Right into eternity
Where then it will take wings and fly
Singing with the Almighty
O Hallelujah brother
Sister raise your voice
Our God is an awesome God
Praise God He is our Choice

~ Gary James Smith ~
© 2013


How can I ever measure
My Gods awesome love for me?
With this mind, I can’t even imagine
Those things that my Lord can see

God is truly consummate
And perfect, I am not
Jesus love for me is agape
While my love runs cold and hot

When my days become a burden
And He carries me along
It’s in those times when I am weak
Then He alone is strong

He is my Holy warrior
It’s my battles that He will fight
Then what I need to do is pray
And in God’s time all things are made right

Together we will conquer
Satan and his foolish pride
With Holy Spirit leading me
My Lord on my side

To measure His undying love
For me and all of mine
Be still and open spiritual eyes
And love will be His sign

~ Connie K Cameron ~

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