The Last Supper Jesus Ate with His Twelve Disciples

Jesus Christ Lord Savior

The Last Supper Jesus Ate with His Twelve DisciplesMatt. 26:17-30;  Mark 14:12-26;  Luke 22:3-39;  John 13
Jesus takes a basin of water and begins to wash the disciples’ feet.

TWO DISCIPLES, PETERand John, were hurrying along the road from Bethany to Jerusalem.  They were going on an errand for their master.  The day had come when the lamb for the Passover Feast should be killed, and Jesus  had chosen these two disciples to go to Jerusalem and prepare the feast that the Twelve should eat with him that evening.    After they had passed through the city gate, they looked about to find a man carrying a pitcher of water.  Men seldom carried water-pitchers in the streets, for such work was usually left for women to do.  But Jesus had told them they would see a man carrying a water-pitcher, and they did.  Jesus also told them to…

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