The Imitation of Christ




Fleeing From Fruitless Hope And Pride

He is vain who puts his trust in people, or in any created thing.

Do not be ashamed to serve others for the love of Jesus Christ, or to be thought of as a poor person.

Do not be overconfident in yourself, but place your trust in God.

Do what you are able to do, and God will help your good effort.

Trust not in your own wisdom, nor in the cleverness of anyone, but rather in the grace of God, Who helps the humble, and humbles those that are proud.

Do not glory in wealth if you have it, nor in friends who are powerful; but in God who gives all things, and Who desires above all to give you Himself.

Do not praise yourself because of any personal attractiveness of form or face, which may be marred and destroyed by a little sickness.

Take no pleasure in your natural talents or intelligence, lest you may thereby displease God, to Whom belongs whatever natural abilities that you have.

Do not think of yourself as better than others, lest perhaps in the sight of God, who knows what is in everyone, you be accounted worse than they.

Do not be proud of your good works, for the judgement of God is far different from the judgement of people, and what pleases them often offends Him.

If there is any good in you, believe that there is much more in others, so that you will stay humble within yourself.

It is not harmful to you to consider yourself less than all others, but it is very harmful to you to think that you are better than anyone else.

The humble enjoy continual peace, but the hearts of proud people are disturbed by envy and frequent hostility.

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Using every tool reaching out to those who seek the shinning light Jesus Christ gives to those who have faith. Keeping uninformed aware of bable with truth and meaning
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