The Imitation of Christ



Immoderate Desires

Whenever we desire anything excessively, we become those who are not yet perfectly dead to themselves, are quickly tempted and overcome in small and unimportant things.

The weak in spirit, and those that are still somewhat carnal and find pleasure in sensual things, can hardly stay away completely from earthly desires:

Therefore they are depressed when they abstain from such things, easily become angry when anyone reproves them.

Those who indulge in their sensual desires soon burdened by a guilty conscience because they yielded to their passions, which did not bring them the peace they were trying to obtain.

True peace of heart, there therefore, is gotten by resisting our passions, not by obeying them.

There is no peace in the heart of a carnal person, nor in the person that is addicted to outward things, but there is peace in the heart of a spiritual and devout person.

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Using every tool reaching out to those who seek the shinning light Jesus Christ gives to those who have faith. Keeping uninformed aware of bable with truth and meaning
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