The Imitation of Christ


I am putting forth before all who worship our Load and Savior Christ Jesus the thoughts of  Thomas Kempis who wrote the four books ( sections) that comprise it sometime between 1420 and 1427. It is filled with spiritually -based maxims and spiritual concepts that will lead any honest seeker as deep into the inward life with Christ as it is possible for a human being to go. Some have said that with the exception of the Bible this is the most helpful spiritual book ever written.

In recent years, however, the popularity of The Imitation of Christ has waned, due perhaps not only to the secular nature of this age, but also to the vocal and written changes in our modern English language that have made it more difficult to understand the spiritual     maxims and concepts it contains. My brothers and sisters in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus we who follow and with love in faith will see this book as our guide to better fellowship with Christ Jesus.

 Book One

Imitating Christ and Despising all the Worthless Things

 of the World

“He who follows Me, walks not in darkness,” says the Lord. These are the words of Christ by which we are told that we should imitate His life and manners if we want to be truly enlightened and delivered from all blindness of heart.

Let our chief endeavor, therefore, be to meditate upon the life of Jesus Christ.

The doctrine of CHRIST exceeds all the doctrines of saints, and the one

 that has His Spirit will find in it a hidden manna.

There are, however, many who often hear the gospel of Christ and are little affected by it because they lack the Spirit of Christ.

But if you want to fully and feelingly understand the words of Christ, you must endeavor to conform your life wholly to the life of Christ.

What good will it do you to debate the Trinity wisely if you lack humility and are thereby displeasing to the Trinity?

It is not understanding that makes a person holy, it is a virtuous life that makes one dear to God.

I had rather feel compunction than know its definition.

If you knew the whole Bible by heart, and the sayings of all the philosophers, what would all that profit you without the love of God and without grace?

“Vanity of vanities …  is vanity”, except to love God and serve him only.

This is the highest wisdom—-to disdain the world and hurry toward the kingdom of heaven.

It is vanity, therefore, to seek after honors and to desire to climb to high positions.

It is also vanity to follow the desires of the flesh , and to labor for those things for which you will later be severely judged.

It is vanity to be concerned with only this present life, and not to consider those things that are yet to come.

It is vanity to love things that speedily pass away, and not to hurry in the direction where everlasting joy abides.

Think often about the proverbs, “The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.”

Make an effort, therefore, to remove your heart from the love of visible things, and to turn yourself to those things that are invisible.

For those who follow their evil passions strain their consciences.

It is vanity to wish for a long life, and to be careless about living a good and useful life.

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