*Lamb on the hill called Zion – Revelation 14:1-5


*Lamb on the hill called Zion – Revelation 14:1-5

v1 Then I looked, and there was the *Lamb. He was standing on the hill called Zion. With him were 144 000 people. These all had, on the front of their heads, the name of the *Lamb and of his Father. v2 And I heard a sound that came from heaven. It was like the sound of many waters or of loud *thunder. The sound that I heard was the sound of *harps. It was like the sound when musicians play *harps. v3 And they sang a new song in front of the *throne. And they were in front of the four *creatures, and the *elders. Only the 144 000 people whom God had rescued from the earth could learn the song. v4 They are men who have never slept with women. These men never had sex. They followed the *Lamb wherever he went. The *Lord purchased them from among the people on the earth. These men belonged to God and to the *Lamb. They were like the first part of the harvest, which people gave to God. v5 They did not tell lies and they were without fault.

Verse 1 Then John saw the *Lamb standing on the hill called Zion. The 144 000 *Jews were with the *Lamb. These all believed in Jesus their *Messiah. They were from all the 12 *tribes of the *Jews.

These *Jews had the mark of God on them (Revelation 7:4). That mark was the name of the *Lamb and of the Father. Since they had received the mark, the *Lord had protected them. Not one of them had been lost.

The hill called Zion was the hill where the city called Jerusalem stood. But here the hill called Zion is not the one on the earth. It is the place of the city of God in heaven.

Verses 2-3 John heard a wonderful sound, which came out of heaven. It was loud, like the sound of a great river or of *thunder. But it was sweet music, like the sound of *harps. He heard a new song. The singers were there in front of the *throne. They were in front of the four *creatures and the *elders.

John does not say who the singers were. But it seems that they were the 144 000. God had rescued them from the earth. They sing a new song that only they can learn.

Verse 4 The *Lord had selected these men for a task (Revelation 7:3). They would serve God on earth during the final years before Christ returns. In order to concentrate on that service they did not have sex.

They did what the *Lamb said. They obeyed him and they were loyal to him. They were his agents on the earth. They believed in Christ and they belonged to God and the *Lamb.

They gave themselves to God. From their work, many more came to know the *Lord. The 144 000 were like the first ones of that number.

Verse 5 During all the troubles of those times, they always spoke the truth. They lived good lives. Nobody could blame them for anything that was wrong.

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