War in heaven and on the earth – Revelation 12:1-14:20

v15 When the seventh *angel’s *trumpet sounded, there were loud voices in heaven.

said, ‘Now the *kingdom of this world belongs to our *Lord and to his Christ. He will rule as king and his rule will never end.’

v16 Then the 24 *elders who sit on their *thrones in front of God fell on their faces. There they *worshipped God. v17 They said, ‘*Lord God we thank you. You have all power. You have been and you are always God. You have used your great power and you rule as king. v18 The nations were angry, but your anger has come. This is the time for you to be the judge of the dead people. Now you will reward your servants, the *prophets and your holy people. These are all, both important and unimportant people, who respect your name. But it is time to punish those who are destroying the earth.’

v19 The doors to the *temple of God in heaven opened. In the *temple, we could see the box. This box holds the evidence of the agreement between God and his people. Lightning flashed and there were loud noises and *thunder. There was an *earthquake. Large stones of ice fell like rain.

Verse 15 The seventh (7th) *trumpet.

As the seventh *trumpet sounded, John was in heaven. There he heard loud voices. They declared that all the earth now belonged to God and to Christ. God had defeated all who were against him. The whole earth was now part of his *kingdom. God will rule as king and his government will never end.

Verse 16 The voices declared that the *Lord is king. The *elders fell down in *worship.

Verse 17 They sang a song of thanks to God. God was before all things. He made all things. He will always be. He had no beginning and he will have no end. All power belongs to him.

By his great power, God will begin his rule of the earth. The *Lord must still fight the final battles. But the result is sure. God will overcome all who oppose him. The *kingdom of earth will belong to God the king.

Verse 18 The nations and their rulers had been angry against God. They had refused to accept him as *Lord. They fought against him and they killed his servants.

The time had come for God to deal with them. God’s fierce anger would frighten them. He would punish all who opposed him.

The time had come for God to punish or to reward all who have died. He will reward his servants. These are the *prophets and his people.

Verse 19 In heaven, the doors to the *temple opened. The box that held the agreement was inside the *temple. All that God had promised to do he will do for his people. He will reward all those who believed in him. Even in the times of trouble, God’s people can be confident that he will save them.

Then there was a storm on the earth. There were flashes of lightning and loud *thunder. It rained large blocks of ice. The earth trembled because of an *earthquake.

War in heaven and on the earth – Revelation 12:1-14:20

The woman and the *dragon – Revelation 12:1-6

v1 And a great sign appeared in the sky. There was a woman, whose dress was the sun. The moon was under her feet. She had a crown of 12 stars on her head. v2 She was expecting the birth of a child. She cried out with the pain because she would soon give birth. v3 Then there was another sign in the sky. It was a great red *dragon. It had 7 heads and 10 *horns. There was a crown on each head. v4 With his tail, he swept a third of the stars out of the sky. And he threw them down to the earth. Then the *dragon stood in front of the woman who was ready to give birth to a child. The *dragon intended to eat the baby as soon as it was born. v5 Then the woman gave birth to a son, a male child. This son will rule over all the nations. He will be strict and he will have total authority over all people. But someone seized the child and took him to God and to his *throne. v6 The woman ran away from the *dragon. She went into the desert. God had prepared a place for her there. Those who were there will look after her for 1260 days.

Verses 1-2 The events that follow the seventh (7th) *trumpet include the 7 last troubles. These are in chapters 15 and 16. In chapters 12 to 14, John wrote about events that happen before those troubles.

John saw a great sign in the sky. In other words, he saw a series of strange pictures. And these pictures had a meaning.

The action was in the sky and on the earth. It was not in heaven where God lives. John saw a woman who was ready to give birth to a son. John described her in a strange way. He wrote that her dress was the sun. The moon was beneath her feet. She wore a crown. And there were 12 stars in her crown.

Joseph had a dream (Genesis 37:9-11). In that dream, he saw the sun, the moon and 11 stars. The sun meant Jacob who was also called *Israel. The moon meant Jacob’s wife. The stars meant Joseph’s brothers. The 12 *tribes of *Israel came from Joseph and his brothers. So, the woman whom John saw meant the nation called *Israel.

The woman cried out because of the pains of birth. The Christ would be born into the nation called *Israel.

Verse 3 The next sign that John saw was a great red *dragon. The *dragon had 7 heads and 10 *horns. Each head had a crown on it. This is a description of the last great world government. It will be a *kingdom that unites 10 separate *kingdoms (Daniel 7:7-8; Daniel 7:24). At the same time, the *dragon means someone in particular. The person who gives power to that *kingdom is *Satan. So, the great red *dragon means *Satan.

Verse 4 John saw the tail of the *dragon sweep the sky. A third of the stars seemed to fall out of the sky. These stars seem to mean *angels. When *Satan became God’s enemy, many *angels supported *Satan. These evil *angels had to leave heaven.

The *dragon waited to kill the child as soon as it was born. When Jesus was born, Herod tried to kill him. This *dragon also failed.

Verse 5 The baby boy was born to the woman. That boy was Jesus. He was born to Mary who belonged to the nation called *Israel. But the woman whom John saw was not Mary. The woman in John’s *prophecy meant the *Jews who believed in the *Lord.

The *Lord Jesus Christ will rule on earth as the king over all the nations. He will be a strong ruler. All people will have to obey him. He will be strict with any who do not obey him.

God sent Jesus with his parents to Egypt. So, Herod failed to kill him. Later Jesus died but God raised him from death. Then, after Jesus rose from death, he went up in a cloud into heaven. He went up to God and to his *throne.

The evil plan of *Satan failed. Jesus defeated *Satan. And Jesus went up to God’s *throne in heaven.

Verse 6 During the last three and a half years, *Satan will try to kill all the *Jews. But God will protect those *Jews who believe in him. He has prepared for them a place of safety.

War in heaven – Revelation 12:7-12

v7 Then there was a war in heaven. Michael and his *angels fought against the *dragon. And the *dragon with his *angels fought against Michael. v8 But the *dragon did not win. He and his *angels could not stay in heaven. v9 Michael and his *angels threw that great *dragon out of heaven. The *dragon means the ancient snake who is called the devil and *Satan. It was *Satan who caused all people to *sin. Michael and his *angels threw *Satan down to the earth with all the *angels who supported him.

v10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven. The voice said, ‘Now our God will save his people. Now he will use his power and rule as king. Now his Christ will have authority over the world because the devil does not now stand in front of our God. He was there day and night and he was accusing the *believers. But the *Lord threw the devil out of heaven. v11 Those who believed overcame the devil because of the blood of the *Lamb. And they defeated him by means of the true words that they spoke as witnesses. They did not love life too much and they were not afraid to die. v12 Therefore, be glad, you inhabitants of heaven. But it will be terrible upon the earth and the sea. The devil has gone down there. And he is very angry. He knows that he does not have much time.’

Verses 7-8 There was a war in heaven. *Satan (the *dragon) and his *angels were on the one side. Michael and his *angels were on the other side.

*Satan used to be an *angel. He had tried to be equal with God. But *Satan failed and so he had to leave heaven. He took with him those *angels who had supported him. But, *Satan was still able to go in and out of heaven. So, this event is his final battle in heaven.

Michael is one of the chief *angels of God. Michael fought against *Satan and defeated him. *Satan and his forces failed in the fight. They could not stay in heaven and they had to leave.

Verse 9 The *dragon means *Satan. He is the devil. He was also the snake that caused people to *sin (Genesis 3:1-7).

Michael threw *Satan and his *angels out of heaven. He threw them down to the earth.

Verse 10 John saw *Satan and his *angels fall from heaven. Then John heard a loud voice in heaven. The voice said that now God would rescue his people. God will use his power and his *kingdom will come. Jesus Christ will soon rule the earth. He will rule on this earth for a thousand years (chapter 20).

Now *Satan could not go to God in heaven. From the start, he had been there day and night.

All the time he accused God’s people of *sin. But now the *Lord threw him out of heaven.

Verse 11 The defeat of *Satan was not merely the work of *angels. Jesus died and he rose again from death. This is how Jesus defeated *Satan.

Those who believed in Jesus Christ overcame *Satan. The blood of the *Lamb had removed all their *sins. So, *Satan had no reason to continue to accuse them. They spoke the truth about God and *Satan had no answer to it. They were willing to die if necessary and they were not afraid of death.

Those who believe in Jesus Christ share in his success. What Jesus achieved, he did for God’s people. This is the defeat of *Satan.

Verse 12 The war in heaven has ended. *Satan has failed. The *Lord has sent *Satan away. Those who live in heaven can be happy.

The *Lord threw the devil down onto the earth. The devil will know that his end is near. He will have a short time when he will continue to work on the earth. He will be angry, fierce and cruel. During this short time, it will be terrible for those who live on the earth.

This short time means the same three and a half years as in verse 6. At the end of that time, Christ will arrest *Satan. Chains will bind *Satan and he will remain in the great hole for a thousand (1000) years.

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