With Christ in The School of Prayer

Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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Disciple of Jesus! Here yo have the first lesson in your work of priestly inter cession, to be learned from the example of your great High Priest. To pray in the Name of Jesus is to pray in unity, in sympathy with Him. As the Son began His prayer by making clear His relation to the Father, pleading His work and obedience and His desire to see the Father glorified, do so too. Draw near and appear before the Father in Christ. Plead his finished work. Say that you are one with it, that you trust on it, live in it. Say that you too have given yourself to finish the work the Father has given you to do, and live alone for His glory. And ask then confidently that the Son may be glorified in you.

This is praying in the Name, in the very words, in the Spirit of Jesus, in union with Jesus Himself. Such pray has power. If with Jesus you glorify the Father, the Father will glorify Jesus by doing what you ask in His Name. It is only when your own personal relation on this point, like Christ’s is clear with God, when you are glorifying Him, seeking all for His glory, that like Christ , you will have power to intercede for those around you.

Today’s message “New Life” lifted my faith in our Holy Savior Jesus Christ ,so I may bring forth my New Life story. The moment I gave my Life to our LORD more than 10 years ago I begin a journey to seek the life story our savior lived in this world. I would hope everyone understands the agony, brutality he suffered so we would be forgiven for the sins of Adam and Eve. God sent his only begotten son to us ,so we could have eternal life and walk away from death.

My early years were filled with selfish needs wanting only earthly goods ,and looking away from my Godly Father. How hopeless this situation was, I was empty of true love, for I loved myself ,and looked only inward. How pathetic was I, and I truly thought I was successful with a wife I did not deserve and three healthy children. God blessed me, and I did not thank him worst I did, not glorify him. Success escaped me, for the success I had was meaningless, I was an empty shell of a man until I gave my life to my Father in heaven.   

My journey to acknowledge my savior Jesus Christ call to be his disciple beings, I will try to establish a link to the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke ,and John with the Holy Spirit to tell the world the story of GODS only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Our Father in heaven created the world ,for his fellowship with man ,and woman. When evil entered ,and stole GODS relationship with his creation, and established corruption which still continues, our father knowing all things past, present, and future knew that his return into his once made paradise needed his intervention. 

I glorify my father with my life, leaving my life into his hands.


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Using every tool reaching out to those who seek the shinning light Jesus Christ gives to those who have faith. Keeping uninformed aware of bable with truth and meaning
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