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[Author Info]

Aaberg, Jens Christian (1877-1970) [Author Info]

Abelard, Peter (1079-1142) [Author Info]

Addison, Joseph (1672-1719) [Author Info]

Albert, the Great, Saint (1193?-1280) [Author Info]

Alexander, Archibald (1772-1851) [Author Info]

Alighieri, Dante (1265-1321) [Author Info]

Allen, James (1864-1912) [Author Info]

Allestree, Richard (1619-1681) [Author Info]

Alphonsus de Liguori, Saint (1696-1787) [Author Info]

Ambrose (c.337-304 – 397) [Author Info]

Anderson, T. M. (1888-1979) [Author Info]

Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626) [Author Info]

Anonymous [Author Info]

Patristica [Spanish]
Textos da Reforma [Portuguese]

Anonymous (14th c. English) [Author Info]

Anonymous (Bible) [Author Info]

Anselm, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury (1033-1109) [Author Info]

Arminius, Jacobus (1560-1609) [Author Info]

Arsenio de Capadocia, Santo [Author Info]

Salterio de Bencaos [Portuguese]

Athanasius, Saint (c. 297 – 373) [Author Info]

Augustine, Saint (354-430) [Author Info]

Bacon, Leonard Woolsey (1830-1907) [Author Info]

Baker, Augustine (1517-1641) [Author Info]

Baker, Richard [Author Info]

Bangs, Nathan (1778-1862) [Author Info]

Barclay, Robert (1648-1690) [Author Info]

Barnabas (ca. 70-135) [Author Info]

Barnes, Albert (1798-1870) [Author Info]

Bartleman, Frank (1871-1935) [Author Info]

Basil the Great [Author Info]

Baxter, Richard (1615-1691) [Author Info]

Bayly, Lewis [Author Info]

Bede, St. (“The Venerable,” c. 673-735) [Author Info]

Benedict, Saint, of Nursia (480-547) [Author Info]

Bentley, Richard (1662-1742) [Author Info]

Berkhof, Louis [Author Info]

Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint (1090-1153) [Author Info]

Beth, Karl (1872-1959) [Author Info]

Bett, Henry [Author Info]

Bevan, Frances [Author Info]

Beveridge, William (1637-1708) [Author Info]

Blake, William (1757-1827) [Author Info]

Blois, Louis of, (1506-1566) [Author Info]

Blumhardt, Christoph (1842-1919) [Author Info]

Boehme, Jakob (1575-1624) [Author Info]

Boethius, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus (480-524) [Author Info]

Boettner, Loraine (1901-1990) [Author Info]

Bonar, Horatius (1808-1889) [Author Info]

Borthwick, Jane [Author Info]

Boston, Thomas (1677-1732) [Author Info]

Bounds, Edward M. (1835-1913) [Author Info]

Bradford, John [Author Info]

Braght, Thieleman J. van (Thieleman Janszoon) (1625-1664) [Author Info]

Bramley, Henry Ramsden, M.A. [Author Info]

Brannan, Rick [Author Info]

Brenton, Lancelot Charles Lee, Sir (1807-1862) [Author Info]

Brown, David (1803-1897) [Author Info]

Browne, Sir Thomas (1605-1682) [Author Info]

Brownlie, John [Author Info]

Bruce, Alexander Balmain (1831-1899) [Author Info]

Bullinger, Ethelbert William (1837-1913) [Author Info]

Bunyan, John (1628-1688) [Author Info]

Burgon, John William (1813-1888) [Author Info]

Bushnell, Horace (1802-1876) [Author Info]

Butler, Joseph (1692-1752) [Author Info]

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