“O Lord, You Called Disciples”

Calling of Andrew and Peter

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O Lord, you called disciples, proclaiming, “Come and See!”


And so an invitation began your ministry. 

Then Andrew called his brother, and Peter came to you;

More men and women followed, and little children too.

O Christ, your invitation has reached from year to year!

Through some who heard you calling, a church was founded here.

As faithful people served you so many years ago,

They soon invited others; your church began to grow.

God, by your Holy Spirit, now send us in your name

To serve the lost and outcast, the poor for whom you came.

Through gifts of hope and healing, through loving ministry,

May we reach out, inviting the world to “Come and see”


About brakeman1

Using every tool reaching out to those who seek the shinning light Jesus Christ gives to those who have faith. Keeping uninformed aware of bable with truth and meaning
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