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Scipture Readings

I Am See also Jehovah; Jesus Christ. One of the names of the Lord Jesus Christ. God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am, Ex. 3:14–15 I am the Lord, Ex. 6:2–3 Before Abraham was, I am, John 8:56–59 … Continue reading

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“O Lord, You Called Disciples”

   O Lord, you called disciples, proclaiming, “Come and See!”   And so an invitation began your ministry.  Then Andrew called his brother, and Peter came to you; More men and women followed, and little children too. O Christ, your … Continue reading

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Parables of Jesus Christ

The parables of Jesus, can be found in all the Canonical gospels as well as in some of the non canonical gospels but are located mainly within the three synoptic gospels. They represent a key part of the teachings of … Continue reading

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